About The Author 


Trudy Davidson was brought up in Hertfordshire and now lives in Bedfordshire with her fiancé James and their daughter.

Becoming a published author has been a dream since childhood. This dream came true when Trudy was inspired by her daughter to illustrate the stories that Trudy had written, some of which were written whilst in school! 

Trudy began her journey of becoming a published author, and of course the first picture book published was dedicated to Trudy’s daughter.

Trudy is now an award winning children’s book author.

Any spare time that Trudy has is filled with family walks, zoo and farm visits and lots of imaginary play with her daughter. 

Never give up on your dreams.



A typical day…

A giggle, a tickle and a pinch on the nose.
This must be my daughter saying it’s time I arose.
I look at the mobile, it’s just past six.
I might need the usual coffee fix.
I throw on some joggers and any old top.
Most days I don’t notice my hairs like a mop.
We finish brekky, next the school drop…
Back home now, to open the work laptop.
Work complete, nursery pick up to do…
Back home again and dinner done phew!
And at the end of the day when my daughters in bed.
I grab some paper and jot down what’s in my head.
Maybe a rhyme about a busy bee,
Or perhaps a monkey swinging through a tree.
And some ideas about the look of the book,
I might draw the ant in the background as a cook.
And as I finally go off to bed,
With lots of ideas still spinning in my head.
I look forward to another day,
and letting my imagination runaway.
It’s exciting to create and see the books begin
And when they are finished I especially hope they make children grin




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