Book Bundle – Picture Books


Book Bundle – Picture Books

  • Lucy Lamb’s Most Curious Adventure
  • Mr. Vole’s Upside-Down New Pots

Mr. Vole’s Upside-Down New Pots

This charming book is about being brace, forming unlikely friendships and helping one another. It will delight readers of all ages, while also teaching children a brilliant memory technique through rhyme.

Ollie was a tawny owl, the wisest bird in Broadleaf Wood. He could answer any question and his answers were known to be good. But…Ollie has a secret. He does get muddled with the order of the planets in the sky!

What happens when a sly fox finds out?

Why does Mr Vole set up home in the roots of Ollie’s tree?

Lucy Lamb’s Most Curious Adventure

Find out what happens in this fun-filled tale about discovering different places and meeting new friends.

Lucy Lamb longs to explore the farm. So, one day, when she sees an opportunity, she decides to leap at the chance, and with her brother by her side, she sets off on a farm adventure.


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