Mr Vole’s Upside-Down New Pots

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  •  32 pages of bright eye catching illustrations
  • A beautiful woodland story about forming unlikely friendships
  • A story to encourage asking questions
  • An interesting mnemonic for learning and remembering!

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Mr Vole's Upside Down New Pots

Ollie was a tawny owl, the wisest bird in Broadleaf Wood. He can answer any questions and his answers were known to be good. But... Ollie had a secret. He does get muddled with the order of the planets.

What happens when a sly fox finds out?
Why does Mr Vole set up home in the roots of Ollie's tree?
Why are Mr Vole's pots upside down?

This charming book is about being brave, forming unlikely relationships and helping one another.

It also gives children a fantastic remembering technique through rhyme!


What others say about this book:

“Here is a book for younger children full of bright illustrations and a rhyming story. The text is in a good, clear font suitable for a child to attempt, but equally a good choice as a read-aloud by an adult. There is plenty to point out and talk about in picture. An interesting mnemonic too, for learning and remembering the order of the planets when we find out the reason for the unusual story title. It is a lovely book.”

Stella Baker The Book Dragon

“The story is very well thought out and my daughter wants to read this again and again. Love that it also gives children a remembering technique!”

Amazon Customer

“It is a colourful and beautifully illustrated book.”

Amazon Customer

“Such a lovely book about Ollie the tawny owl for children to read. The theme is kindness and helpfulness. I would recommend this book.”

Amazon Customer

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Dimensions21.5 × 28 cm

4 reviews for Mr Vole’s Upside-Down New Pots

  1. Linette

    We loved this book! A lovely story with great illustrations and best of all a new way to remember the planets! It’s beautifully laid out and great fun to read out loud!

  2. Lynette

    We loved this book! It was a gift for my son who enjoys the stories by this author. A lovely story with great illustrations and the best of all a new way to remember planets! It’s beautifully laid out and great fun to read out loud

  3. Stella

    Another well illustrated book from this author. Really lovely pictures.
    The story is well thought out with a clever remembering technique along the way.
    Really like that Mr Vole keeps his pots upside down nice touch.
    Very cute book.
    Nice to read a different story and a lovely tale of two unlikely animals becoming friends.

  4. Kristy

    A lovely tale between New friends.Lots to look at on all the pages with lots of colours.

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