Rodney the Seagull – Chips, Ice-Cream and Cake

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  • 32 pages of colourful humorous illustrations
  • A humous short story about a very hungry seagull
  • Catchy rhyming verses to enjoy again and again
  • Spot the hiding crabs on each page

Rodney Seagull - Chips, Ice cream and Cake

In this humorous rhyming picture book, Rodney the Seagull wakes up in his usual good mood except for one big problem - he is hungry, very hungry.

But he is in luck! Looking down from his nest he can see tasty treats everywhere! Rodney has a plan to be very full by the end of the day!

This humorous tale is about a very hungry seagull - Rodney! and is perfect if you are looking for:

- a book that is ideal for reading aloud
- illustrations that are colourful, which adds exciting interest for children to look at whilst enjoying the story
- a humorous story to entertain you together
- a book with hidden things for children t find - spot the crabs on each page
- a picture book for 3 - 8 years
- a story book about a very hungry seagull! If anyone has been to a seaside and has been at the mercy of a persistent hungry seagull you will relate to this tale!
- a story about morales set around stealing

Winner of the 2023 Golden Wizard Book Prize

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Dimensions21.5 × 28 cm

9 reviews for Rodney the Seagull – Chips, Ice-Cream and Cake

  1. Jessica

    This is a lovely book to enjoy with young children. They really like Rodney and love looking at the pictures. Highly recommend

  2. Katie

    This is my second review for this great author. Rodney Seagull is well written, educational book with great rhymes, easy to learn and understand by children. Some pages have big key rhyme words which helps promote self reading. The story is very interesting and makes this enjoyable even for parents. My favourite part is the lesson learned at the end 😊

  3. Elizabeth saunders

    This is my favourite story by Trudy Davidson so far. We can all relate to the seagulls by the beach wanting food. Great little story and my sons adore Rodney. A beautiful picture book that children will love to read.

  4. Mrs P Penfound

    This is a wonderful children’s book with great illustrations. I bought the book for my niece. She loved the story. It’s a lovely, entertaining and humorous tale about a hungry seagull. My niece enjoyed finding the crabs on each page. I would highly recommend to others

  5. Olive

    I received this as a gift. We have read it so many times already.
    Rodney is a likable character and definitely gives the humour touch.
    The story is easy to follow and written with lovely rhyme.

  6. Bob

    I received this book for my son for his birthday. He loved the story and illustrations. He laughed at Rodney

  7. Giuliana

    Rodney is a lovable character and my daughter loves him! Entertaining story, fun and amazing pictures!

  8. Victoria

    Sweet liitle book. My daughter loves it.

  9. Randy

    This is the second book we’ve purchased from this author and we love it as much as the first. The first thing that drew me to this book was the colorful cover. The illustrations are great. I also love the message in the book – being sweet and nice often gets you more treats than being aggressive! I will be gifting this book to the 3 year old I nanny for and I know he will love it.

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