Lucy Lamb’s Most Curious Adventure was reviewed recently by The Book Dragon. I was so thrilled with the feedback I needed to share this on a blog!
And here it is!!

Entitled – A sweet tale with lots to look at and many farm animals to meet for young children.

Another fun and colourful book by Trudy Davidson. Melanie Mitchell’s illustrations are delightful.

Curious Lucy Lamb finds a way to escape her field and explores the rest of the farm with her brother, Harry. She is excited to visit the other animals: pigs, chicken, horses and cows. There is plenty to talk about and lots to look for when sharing this book with a child.

The writing is in a rhyming style with repetition which children will enjoy.

Towards the end of the story, a fun recap mentions all that has happened including new animal friends that have been made by Lucy and Harry on their unexpected adventure. This is a nice touch.

On the last page they are happily reunited as a picnic with their sheep family and even the sheep dog is joining in!

I award this book 4 stars.

Thank you for sharing the book with The Book Dragon.

My first official review and I couldn’t be happier – A lovely read – thank you