A great first book – 5 star review

A delightful hard cover book for beginners, with wonderful illustrations and bright colours. For younger children, sitting on a lap for a story, there are many lovely surprises incorporated within the pages; the mouse doormat displaying ‘home, squeak home’, for example.

The font is clear and easy to read, and changes from page to page from black to white depending upon the illustration colour beneath.

Even though Little Mouse is chased, the pursuing cat is more grumpy than scary, so little ones won’t be frightened or upset. The characters are well defined and likeable – children will care about Little Mouse and whether he gets home safely with his cheese.

The repetition of verse will encourage new or nervous readers to try for themselves and, hopefully gain some confidence as their reading progresses.

Recommended as a first book.
Deborah Barwick, Author
Business Partner
Official The Book Dragon Reviewer

Thank you The Book Dragon for your lovely review, it makes the author journey worth it when you receive this feedback.