Lucy Lamb’s Most Curious Adventure was my first picture book. When the book went on sale, I had everything crossed that I would sell a few books in the first month. I was absolutely thrilled when I sold 50 books in the first month, back in November 2021. Since then the sales have continued and I have now sold over 300 books. Being the first picture book this has give me a boost that my next book, Mr Vole’s Upside-Down New Pots, will also sell and gives you a boost to carry on.

I am also so grateful for the 5 star feedback so far. A few of the comments below:
– A lovely story and very thoughtfully written to allow children to read with phonics in mind and a good story.
– The colours and pictures are beautifully bright and the story is delightful
– One book that can be read over and over
– Perfect present for anyone with young children