Mr Vole’s Upside Down New Pots my next picture book for ages up to 8 years is nearly finished and I am so excited. It is coming soon!!
A preview of the draft cover – I love it! I can’t wait to see it coloured in.

A bit about the book….

Ollie was a tawny owl, the wisest bird in Broadleaf wood. He could answer any question and his answers were known to be good. But…..Ollie has a secret. He does get muddled with the order of the planets!

What happens when a sly fox finds out?
Why does Mr Vole set up home in the roots of Ollie’s tree?
Why are Mr Vole’s pots upside down?

This charming book is about being brave, forming unlikely friendships and helping one another. It will delight readers of all ages, while also teaching children a brilliant memory technique through rhyme!

Look out for more launch news COMING SOON