Exciting news! The next picture book by Rhyming Moment Books is in the final stages of being illustrated. This humorous book is due to be on sale October 2022! Just in time to be available for Christmas!

The idea for this book came about after a few holidays on the coast where crafty seagulls watched us eat peeping round or down from where they perched, waiting for the opportunity to dive down to grab some tasty food, and often succeeded! Most of us have been there, right? Throwing our arms up and waving to try to deter them or putting something in their flight path to shield food: a bag, a hat, a sun umbrella, or anything that is nearby!

Whilst eating our food on holiday I must admit it was also quite humorous to watch others keeping an eye on these feathery opportunists and trying to counter their food grab attacks, and how sneaky they were. Some managing to fly away with very large portions of food.

I had to try to capture this! And ideas for the rhyming tale started to flood into my thoughts as I sat and watched with amusement.

So, in this humorous rhyming picture book, Rodney the Seagull wakes up in his usual good mood except for one big problem – He is hungry, very hungry.
But he is in luck! Looking down from his nest he can see tasty treats everywhere! Rodney has a plan to be very full by the end of the day!

Why the name Rodney? Well, on our last holiday to Weymouth there was a very large seagull who was very persistent, and we said, “What would you call that seagull?” And we then tried to name it. I really thought it looked like a Rodney! My daughter Bethany thought they looked like a Charlie (her favourite name for most animals and teddies, at present ) and her dad James went for squawk. So, it seemed fitting to use one of these, so I went for Rodney.

Pei Jen the illustrator created the cheeky seagull and the look I was after. I am very happy with the illustrations they are so colourful and capture the moments brilliantly.

A further update will be posted when the book is available to purchase.