Rodney Seagull – Chips, Ice cream and Cake is no on sale!

It didn’t seem that long ago that I was on holiday with the family being amused watching opportunist seagulls waiting to dive down or sneak in to grab food from people’s hands, plates or even as they ate!!

We spotted an extra cheeky seagull and we all tried to name them. Rodney came out on top. Lovely moments like this always gets my imagination churning and ideas started to flow.

Grabbing the mobile to capture them in my notes throughout that day and the coming days, weeks and months formed my next picture book.

I had lots of fun trying to think of words to describe how seagulls move and behave. It also brought back memories of seeing these amazing birds in action and made me chuckle as I typed.

Part of me does feel slightly sad that wildlife is being tempted by unhealthy foods and I hope this book will also raise awareness as to how wrong this is, at the same time as providing a humorous tale.

I really enjoyed the Rodney character coming to life through the illustrator and getting the expression right for each page, just brilliant.

I absolutely love the cover and the use of colours; it looks eye catching and amazing.

I couldn’t wait to receive the sample to check it over before the book went on sale.

I am especially excited to send Pei the illustrator her copy.

Maybe one day if we choose to venture in the same direction as we did that gave me this idea, maybe I will see the actual Rodney again? What would be the chances of that I wonder!!